27 thoughts on “Toothpick Suspension Bridge”

  1. This type of bridge is actually called a cable-stayed bridge, but I think that is is very well put together. I hope to see a popsicle version of this type of bridge.

  2. Very accurate and interesting work. Nice to see.
    I want to ask you to do a new design (new type) of suspension bridge with a large span – http://blog.dp.ru/post/5191/.
    Suspension cables are anchored at each end of the bridge. The load that the bridge bears converts into the tension in the cables and is transferred to the support bases.
    Cables stretch beyond the support bases up to the dock-level supports further to the anchors in the ground. The top tether system keeps stove roadway, bear the weight of the deck, and transmits the weight roadway through struts on the lower cables.
    One advantage of this bridge design is that it can span long distances and resist earthquakes. It requires less construction material, which reduces its cost of construction.

    I think that, this type of rope bridges could be called a “green bridge” judging by the favorable opportunities in the construction of such a bridge – substantial reducing the amount of materials (cement and reinforcing steel), which are now being spent at the device numerous concrete supports and pylons for modern large-span bridges. And after all, the production of cement and steel production – are not only energy intensive, but also extremely environmentally unfriendly.


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