Manilla File Folder Bridge

By on July 24, 2007 -- Modified on December 9, 2017

Built by Bill H.

Here is the email Bill sent me:
I started making bridges about a year ago and have pictures to share with you. For the first bridge I used a set of plans that I found free on the internet from a guy who was in the army. The bridge plans were designed to be made 100% from manilla folder paper. The plans were to fold the manilla cardboard into the different post diameters and use them to make the trusses.

I decided to use dowels from my local Lowe’s instead. However, I did use the manilla cardboard to reinforce some of the joints and to give the bridge a real look.

You can find the plans for this bridge here:
Manilla File Folder Bridge

This truss bridge uses the Pratt truss model for its design. The Pratt truss is one of my favorites because the longer diagonal members are in tension. This allows the shorter vertical pieces to be in compression.

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7 thoughts on “Manilla File Folder Bridge”

  1. more tape it would make it better if it was a cocoon of tape.

    By loybrine trgrames -- November 30, 2017
  2. This should be easy

    By Mathew jensen -- March 2, 2017
  3. this should be easy

    By Mailk Walker -- September 26, 2011
  4. I wonder how you build a truss bridge out of gumdrops that will hold 15 books?!

    By Lauren -- March 27, 2009
  5. interesting, how did you make a bridge out of mannila folder?

    By hi -- March 23, 2009
  6. Kristina, is there something specific you want to know more about?

    By Garrett Boon -- November 3, 2008
  7. K thanks this web site helped me and my partner out to figuare out what to do on our pro… we still need a little more info so maybe you could add just a little bit more info on this web site and you have the best web site in town,…. take my idea in to thouught and thanks.

    By Kristina bryson -- November 3, 2008

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