Bridge Building and Design Games

Cargo Bridge
Fun little animated game with a physics engine that requires you to design a bridge with a limited budget in various scenarios. You get points for the amount of money you have left after completing a successful bridge.

NOVA Build a Bridge
Classic game from that has you pick the right bridge design for certain scenario. This is a very basic game and good for younger ages.
This site has lots of tips, records, maps, etc of ChronicLogic bridge building games. This is an amazing website. Unfortunately it seems to no longer be active.

A Bridge Design Game
Free and Open Source bridge design game. You have to make a free account at codeproject in order to download the game.

The Bridge Designer
Perhaps the most famous bridge building game, it certainly is a good one. Developed by engineers from the United States Military Academy, this is a free program for anyone to use and enjoy.

Build a Bridge

FWG Bridge 2
Free online game for designing bridges. Has multiple levels.

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