We had excellent results!!
My daughter (grade 3) was set to task on building a popsicle stick bridge with 100 or less popsicle sticks. We decided to take a serious run at winning this competition.
We made a practice bridge using your blueprints and attempted to break it. We ran out flat weights and books which came out to weigh 128lbs. This bridge showed no signs of breaking other than one bowed stick.
We then decided to make the real deal!! we used your recommended 3.5″ spacing and cut off the ends of the popsicle sticks. We used those small pieces to add strength and surface area to the “X” cross members. If you are interested in where etc let me know.
Competition day was yesterday. They could not break her bridge (safely)!!! they too ran out of weights.
She easily won the competition!!
I suspect this bridge could have easily held up to or over 200 lbs!!!

Thanks for your design!!

Kelly F., AScT