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J.C. Booth State Bridge 2005

Here is the Science Olympiad bridge J.C. Booth built for the Georgia State Tournament in 2005. I don’t remember exactly what place it got, but am pretty sure in placed in the top 3. This bridges uses the typical design for that year, with slight modifications

More SO Bridge Building Tips

An L-beam is more efficient than a square the same width. It is not going to hold as much, but it is going to be more efficient. An L-beam is also more efficient than a square with the same mass of wood. Of course, you have to count in the glue weight for an L-beam.Balsa, for some reason it seems, needs to be thick but low-density for pieces in compression. For tension, you have to worry about the face of […]

My 1st Bridge

I just found some old pics of my first ever Science Olympiad bridge. These photos are 7 years old. Many props to my mom for keeping them. The bridge weighed 58 grams if my memory serves me well. It held the entire 15kg with ease. It probably could have held 100lbs because it was so overbuilt. This was at my first every Science Olympiad competition at Gordon College. The bridge placed 2nd. Richards MS placed first. Man, these pictures sure […]

My first bridge for the science olympiad

Hi this is Hyun Seok Yoon. As the title says, I just made my first bridge for Science Olympiad! Although it took me 12 hours (whew..!) I could see the good result! It held 15kg!

Q&A: Towers on an Elevated Bridge

This is the first in reviving my question and answer posts. When I receive a well asked question, I will answer it and post some of the dialogue here.

These two questions are dealing with making an elevated bridge, very similar to the Science Olympiad challenge.

Science Olympiad Boomilever

Objective: To build a boomilever with the greatest efficiency. There are two basic types of boomilevers. First is the tension boomilever, where the tension chord is longer than the compression chord. Second there is the compression boomilever, which is the opposite of the tension. It is generally accepted that the tension…

Science Olympiad Bridge

This bridge won the 2004 GA State Science Olympiad Bridge Building competition. It weighed 9.47 grams, spanned 35cm, and held 15kg without breaking. The efficiency score was 1584. This bridge was made completely from Basswood. No Balsa or other wood was used. The top chord was made from 2 sticks of 1/16″ square pieces, laminated to a 1/32″ x 3/16″ piece. I steamed the wood for the top chord before bending or gluing. Learn more about bending wood. Theory This […]

Science Olympiad Bridges

Question: What’s your take on the new scoring. Do you think the bridge should just aim at holding 15 kg… or try to build one that’s lighter and hold less possibly getting a higher efficiency score? I used to think that you should go lighter, holding less. But now I think that you should aim at holding the 15, but no worries if it doesn’t. That rule gives a lot more freedom to builders, and now they can go lighter […]

Science Olympiad Tower

This tower was 24 inches tall, 6 inches wide at the base, tapering to a 1 & 1/2 inch square at the middle. This tower weighed 7.0 grams, and held 11kg for 2nd place at the 2005 GA Science Olympiad State Finals. I am in the middle of building a tower for my Science Olympiad competition this Saturday. In fact, I am truly in the middle. I am in the process of joining the two halves of my tower together, […]

Science Olympiad, the Aftermath

My first event was Circuit Lab, which I don’t know much about. My partner ended up doing most of the work, I helped connecting wires when I could.Rocks and Minerals went okay, or so I thought. Ended up with 7th. My tower broke too soon, weighing 6.5 and only holding 6.8kg. At least I worried McIntosh for a little while. The thought actually came to me to try and fix the problems with my tower, and test it at home. […]

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