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Toothpick Suspension Bridge

I just finished this bridge a few days ago after working on it on and off for 3 months. It’s a cable stayed bridge design made with standard round toothpicks and wood glue.
The bridge is 31 inches long and just under 20 inches tall. The main road truss is 2 inches by 2 inches, constructed of beams of laminated toothpicks.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge

I decided, for the 50th birthday of the Verrazano Bridge, to put together a model. I always loved the bridge; I lived in its shadow in Brooklyn for years and now live on Staten Island, so I use it often. Being a 2 year dad, I get little time to work on it, and when I do, my little girl sometimes “helps.” 🙂 So it’s certainly not perfect, and is more of a diorama than scale model. Most materials I already […]

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