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Greentop Road Bridge

Pictures taken on October 5, 2006. This is only of the few historic bridges that is still in use. I am glad to have found it. The metal does not look in great shape, so I hope it sticks around for a while. More than that, I hope that when it is eventually replaced that another pony truss bridge will spring up in its place. Links about the Greentop Road Bridge: http://bridgehunter.com/ga/coweta/7750080/

The Whooping Creek Bridge

The Whooping Creek Bridge was originally built in 1928 (According to here). Unfortunately, the bridge was closed in May of 2006 after a DOT inspection. 5 months later, no work has been done on the bridge. From what I understand, there is division on what to do with the bridge. Some people want to replace it, others want to save it. Update: The bridge is open for traffic again! All the pictures of the bridge below were taken on September […]

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