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Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

This bridge is the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge which is over the Cooper River in Charleston, South Carolina. It is North America’s largest cable stayed bridge. I got these photos when visiting family up there. My brother, cousin, and I filmed a short spoof of the TV show, “Man Vs. Wild” on this bridge. We call ours “Man Vs. City.” You can watch it here: Man Vs. Wild Spoof

European Bridge Pictures

Here are some pictures of European bridges I took on our family trip in December of 2004. Seeing these bridges was the highlight of the trip for me. Unfortunately we only were able to drive over one of the bridges, the Tay River Bridge. However, we did spent a lot of time walking on the Tower Bridge in London. This photo of the Forth Suspension bridge was accepted as the photo of the day on rlrouse.com on July 29, 2005.

George Washington Bridge

Here is a picture of the George Washington Bridge that a friend of mine took recently. This is a great looking suspension bridge. I think that suspension bridges in general look good, but this one is particularly beautiful. Thanks to Elizabeth for providing this as well as many other photos of historic bridges.

Greentop Road Bridge

Pictures taken on October 5, 2006. This is only of the few historic bridges that is still in use. I am glad to have found it. The metal does not look in great shape, so I hope it sticks around for a while. More than that, I hope that when it is eventually replaced that another pony truss bridge will spring up in its place. Links about the Greentop Road Bridge: http://bridgehunter.com/ga/coweta/7750080/

New River Bridge

Some friends of mine recently took a road trip to to PA. On the way, they stopped by a famous bridge and took this awesome picture: Click for a closer view This is the New River Bridge in West Virginia. It was the longest single-arch steel span bridge when it was built in 1977. In 2003, however, a longer single arch span bridge was built in Shangai. This photo is simply amazing. I normally don’t host such large images to […]

The Coolest Bridge Website

I know I already mentioned this website in previous posts, but I felt this website was cool enough to deserve a post of its own. The coolest bridge website is BridgeHunter.com. This website is simply amazing. James Baughn has created a website featuring historic bridges across the nation. Anyone can submit photos or comments about the bridges. The navigation is brilliant. You simply click on a state, then a county. Then you are presented with a list of bridges in […]

The Whooping Creek Bridge

The Whooping Creek Bridge was originally built in 1928 (According to here). Unfortunately, the bridge was closed in May of 2006 after a DOT inspection. 5 months later, no work has been done on the bridge. From what I understand, there is division on what to do with the bridge. Some people want to replace it, others want to save it. Update: The bridge is open for traffic again! All the pictures of the bridge below were taken on September […]

Whooping Creek Bridge Reopened

Today I found out that the Whooping Creek Bridge on Clem-Lowell road has been reopened. This was good and bad news for me. My brother and I drove down there this morning to try and film something for the music video we are making (see previous post). We thought it would be the perfect place because there would be no traffic. However, the bridge was not closed off when we got there. The bridge has not been fixed as far […]

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