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Elevated Bridge

Science Olympiad is bringing back the Bridge Building event in 2009, except in a modified form. The event for ’09 is Elevated Bridge, which will provide an interesting and refreshing challenge. The draft rules that soinc.org are very interesting and make for a good read. Check them out as the new bridge event looks to be a refreshing change. Elevated Bridge Resources: Diary of a Bridge Builder SciOly Elevated Bridge Thread

My first bridge for the science olympiad

Hi this is Hyun Seok Yoon. As the title says, I just made my first bridge for Science Olympiad! Although it took me 12 hours (whew..!) I could see the good result! It held 15kg!

Q&A: Towers on an Elevated Bridge

This is the first in reviving my question and answer posts. When I receive a well asked question, I will answer it and post some of the dialogue here.

These two questions are dealing with making an elevated bridge, very similar to the Science Olympiad challenge.

SO Elevated Bridges

This is a fun video showing the failure of a lot of Science Olympiad Elevated Bridges at the Crystal Lake Invitational 2009. Does anyone know what state this is held in? This video shows a lot of different bridge styles for Science Olympiad, so it might help give you a starting place for a design. Keep in mind that this is just at the invitational competition level

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