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Balsa Wood Bridge Statics Project

I like this video because it is very systematic and well documented. The video shows a Balsa wood bridge built for a statics project. The bridge ended up with an efficiency score of 514.

February 2017 Bridge Building Contest

Contest is complete Congratulations to Peter for submitting the winning design, at $189,049.56. Join in the fun with our new model bridge contest series. Your submission could win a $50 Amazon gift card. More than that, you can learn more about how bridges work with this unique software program. This contest uses the Bridge Designer 2016 free software (download link below), and is a taste into virtual bridge building. Your goal is to design a bridge that safely supports a […]

Johns Hopkins Bridge Simulator (New)

I have some great news to share! There is a replacement for the old Bridge Designer which no longer works on modern web browsers. The new pony in town is called the Bridge Simulator. Like before, it is freely hosted on the Johns Hopkins website, and created by Claire VerHulst. This new Bridge Simulator is not quite as simple or easy to use as the older one, but it is more powerful and flexible. I’ll work on a full video […]

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