Popsicle Bridge Kit: Compare Three Bridge Types

Have you ever wondered what type of bridge is the strongest? I definitely did, and that is why I created this popsicle bridge kit to compare and contrast three types of bridges to see which one can hold the most weight. This is a very interesting project and was a lot of fun to make and test.

In order to be a scientific test, each bridge is made from similar materials (popsicle sticks and glue, and cord for the suspension bridge), and are the same length. These three bridges also have very similar construction techniques, which allows you to compare each type against each other.

Popsicle bridges are great for school projects and the like because they are very easy to make and a lot of fun to test to failure. Popsicle sticks, unlike toothpicks, are quite strong and allow you to make a solid structure which is capable of holding a lot of weight before collapsing into a thousand pieces. If you are looking to compare different kinds of bridges I highly recommend that you consider this kit.

Kit: 3 in 1: Arch, Beam, and Suspension Bridge

Included in the kit are all the materials you will need to build these three bridges: a Beam bridge, an Arch bridge, and a Suspension bridge. Each bridge type is different to make and will provide hours of hands-on fun. This kit is designed for simplicity, which makes it great for younger ages. This kit is also created for sincere scientific testing, so students of all ages can benefit from it. Buy your kit today and receive it in the mail in just a few days!

*This kit requires some of the popsicle sticks to be cut. If you do not have a tool to do this already, choose the option to add a craft saw blade.

You can purchase this kit directly from this page or find it in my main store

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  1. It would be a good idea to me to have these as ebooks or pdf books and then buy the materials on our own.
    Great idea for homeschoolers and cub scouts. I would advertise there if I had these products.


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