New Popsicle Stick Suspension Bridge

Catch a sneak peek at one of my newest creations: a model suspension bridge made from popsicle sticks and paracord. This bridge was created as part of a custom project I designed. This idea was one I had been contemplating for some time. I found a simple way to construct a suspension bridge and this is the result. I have some ideas how to make this even better which might take some time to finalize.

You will be able to find a kit for building this popsicle stick suspension bridge in my store soon.

9 thoughts on “New Popsicle Stick Suspension Bridge”

  1. I was wondering how to measure the flex on a popsicle suspension bridge built using the kit I ordered. For the life of me I cannot understand how to accurately use a digital micrometer to do so. Same goes for the arch and warren truss bridges as a comparison. I am placing weights on top of the bridges.

    • Matteo,

      This is something that I have not done with my bridges. But I’ve read/heard a couple ways to measure deflection. The most basic way is to run a string alongside the bridge as the guide, and measure the deflection of the bridge at the center. If you’re using a micrometer, I imagine that you are looking for very precise measurements. I wonder if you could do something like this:

      Take a straight edge (something stiff and straight like a board) and place it next to the bridge. The bottom of the board and the bottom of the bridge should be at the same height. Temporarily attach a stiff piece of something to one end of the micrometer, which will allow you to measure when the bottom of the bridge flexes below the board. You should be able to use the micrometer and measure from the top of the board (because it is easier than the bottom) to the bottom of the bridge with the stiff “guide” attached to the micrometer. Subtract the height of the straight edge board and you will have the deflection.

      I hope that can at least give you an idea to work from.


      • Thanks for the response. Yes, I am going to attempt that technique. I am also thinking of using a combination square ruler, placing it under the bridge and seeing how much it flexes.

    • Wow Andy, I have no idea. I have used a lot. I just recently purchased 50,000 popsicle sticks. I won’t be using all of them, but I do have plans to use a lot for a record holding bridge.


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