Coolest Popsicle Bridge

By on January 16, 2006 -- Modified on December 8, 2017

This bridge was built by Michael in Quebec.

I have a bridge I built for a physics for engineers class I’m taking in cegep (QUEBEC). My partner and I didn’t have much confidence in it, but it blew the competition away! The design was a fairly straightforward arch as you can see. We primarily focused on keeping the weight of the bridge down. The bridge weighed in at 211 grams.

The efficiency rating worked as follows:
Weight supported by the bridge divided by the weight of the bridge squared.

This was our score. 173 KG./ (.211)squared. Our score was 3886, second place was 2100 and the rest of the competition was well below 2000. Our bridge held 381 pounds! And the lab class which we tested them in ran out of weight for us to load it with, so we couldn’t break the bridge! our teacher is building a hydraulic system to crush it next week!

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24 thoughts on “Coolest Popsicle Bridge”

  1. can i see the blueprints plz 🙂

    By Alexa Bjornell -- April 17, 2011
    • Alexa, the author of this post probably does not follow this page and I do not personally have the blueprints. Sorry.

      By Garrett Boon -- April 20, 2011
      • Hey can i get a blueprint so i can support my team with ideas!!!

        By Yasmin -- October 9, 2019
    • Can i get the blueprints.. i am in a special ed class n i need yto win .. if i win i am able to go to homeless shelters and help feed them and i am able to win a trip to Mexicao.. I have never been.. Please help me .. i am a specisal need child… HELP THE NEEDY IF YOU HAVE A HEART

      By Fayion -- March 28, 2012
      • Where you able to go on that trip? I really hope you were! Glad you have the right heart!

        By Cyd The science KID! -- February 10, 2019
  2. NICE! I will try make this too!

    By Mainsi -- August 24, 2010
  3. I was wondering if you had a plan or something for this..

    By CARR -- January 28, 2010
  4. NICE i think im gunna try that for my tower project. We are only allowed to use 150 sticks tho. I hope i beat everyone else. BTW holding over 600 pounds make the 25 pound weight seem like a leg weight compared to the 600 pounds lol. Very Nice. Gratz

    By Bonds (not Bond) -- November 16, 2009
  5. How many popsickle sitcks…?? i have to do the same thing for my tech class but i can’t only use 100 and wood glue…would that be enough>?

    By Taylor Smith -- June 4, 2009
  6. thats amazing. do you think you could tell me how to make that….i need to make a bridge for my physics class.

    By nikky -- May 19, 2009
    • yah me too. For my physics class.
      my question is how long is the length of the bridge??

      By Jan Cedrick -- August 20, 2009
    • I would also like to build one with my kids using your design. I think they will be amazed as to how much strength can be acheived with such little mass. Please forward a copy.

      Thanks in advance.

      By Jim -- November 21, 2009
      • Jim, I do not have any plans for this bridge. These photos came from a reader of this site, I did not build this bridge.

        By Garrett Boon -- November 22, 2009
  7. it is a good design **** however this bridge cannot be entered into most popsicle bridge competitions because there are “modified” sticks. The sticks are not supposed to be altered in any cut into smaller pieces split down the middle broken etc. (sorry if someone has already pointed this out)

    By sylvos -- May 18, 2009
  8. I’m about to enter a competition, I just need to ask a few questions

    Approx. how many sticks was it?
    Can you send me some pics of the bottom, so I can get a simialar layout of the base.


    By Andy -- March 26, 2009
    • 150 popsicles and i lost the pics sry

      By MIKE -- April 21, 2009
  9. hey guys, i built this thing a few years ago. It ended up holding around 650 pounds before a popsicle stick just sheared in half! and the thing blew up. I dont have any plans for it but i can send a few pictures of it if people are interested. just leave your email on this page and ill send then your way.



    Ps. the middle is raise as there are load bearing cross beams to distribute the load to the trusses.

    By Mike -- March 17, 2009
    • Thanks for the update, Mike. I had been wondering how much it ended up holding. Sweet bridge man.

      By Garrett Boon -- March 17, 2009
    • Hi! I would like to see any information that you have on this bridge. My son is having to build one for school and we are researching it.


      By Melissa -- May 6, 2009
    • Hey! I have to build a bridge for physics and he’s having this really cruel grading system. i’d love to see how you made yours if it might help me. And any tips you have would be helpful.

      By Billy Bob -- May 24, 2009
  10. hey that is sweet

    By callie -- March 5, 2009
  11. Just so you know the weigh of the bridge in the eaquation should not be squared. The equation stays as the 173kg/(0.211)=E , E weight held per kg, so you effiecency would only be 819.905%

    By Kevin -- January 13, 2009
  12. i love this briges is cool and we,ve bulid this 4 a science talnet show in class thank love rockxy!

    By rockxy -- November 13, 2008
  13. I hope you had the honors of seeing it get CRUSHED!

    -great bridge

    By tj -- November 6, 2008

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