New River Bridge

By on December 10, 2006 -- Modified on August 17, 2017

Some friends of mine recently took a road trip to to PA. On the way, they stopped by a famous bridge and took this awesome picture:

Click for a closer view

This is the New River Bridge in West Virginia. It was the longest single-arch steel span bridge when it was built in 1977. In 2003, however, a longer single arch span bridge was built in Shangai. This photo is simply amazing. I normally don’t host such large images to save bandwidth but I had to show this one full size. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has taken quite a few really cool bridge pictures like this one, and I have been meaning to compile all of them into a photo album.

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2 thoughts on “New River Bridge”

  1. THAT’S SICK!!! I love it!!

    By spiderskull98 -- January 13, 2015
  2. nice pics but if I were you i would zoom in a little at a different angle

    By neetpics -- May 4, 2009

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