Model Covered Bridge

By on March 18, 2011 -- Modified on December 8, 2017

Jobs well done – interesting site and information!
We built a 1/8″ scale model bridge just like the bridges we build for production. We successfully loaded it with 345 pounds with the weight being distributed all the way across the middle. Do you know of a formula where we can figure out that weight capacity for our full scale bridge? We have contacted 3 different engineers in our area who don’t have access to such information.

Thank you for your time and any helpful resources. (I cannot make the Johns Hopkins nodes and members work….?)

Garrett’s Note
Their website was but it seems the website is no longer available.

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  1. Unfortunately calculating how much a full scale bridge will hold is outside my area of practice. I have no formal training in this, and would not be qualified to give an answer. Thanks for sharing the picture of your model, it looks very well constructed.

    By Garrett Boon -- March 19, 2011

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