Hell Gate Bridge 1/4 Scale

By on September 12, 2011 -- Modified on October 4, 2016

Bridge is almost complete, features wood deck 4 track main with all hand laid track dimensions are 25 in wide x 27 foot long end to end x 7 foot 6 inches high at center. Weight about 1000 pounds featuring stone covered steel towers and navagation lights.

Here is a picture of the Hell Gate model:


Garrett’s Thoughts
This is an excellent piece of work. Thank you for sending in this photo of the progress you have made so far. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product. What are your plans for it once it is completed? What inspired you to start building this model bridge?

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3 thoughts on “Hell Gate Bridge 1/4 Scale”

  1. I’m a student from Eastwood Academy HS, currently working on a project involved with Hell Gate Bridge located at NYC. Do you know where could I get a blueprint? Please I need help

    By Lizbeth -- October 1, 2013
  2. I think welding the trusses will turn out to be a mistake. Lugged construction dominated bicycle construction for decades for a good reason. Welds weaken by detempering and corrupting the grain structure of steel.

    A tip. Almost all guy ‘wire’ is now Zylon rope. It’s much lighter than steel for the same strength – assuming you are shooting for a high strength to weight ratio, this should help the implementation of your design.

    By ROY PFINGSTEN -- September 13, 2011
    • this bridge is a repicla of the hell gate in nyc for the nyc rr. after is finished it will be used in our model train meseum featuring a 1/4 scale nyc rr which will feature about 13 miles of hand laid track this bridge will hold 2500 lbs tested with out a deflection and i know it will hold the models that will be running over it it took me 1 and a half years to build
      thanks tony

      By anthony boccaccio -- November 30, 2011

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