Funny Comments from the Original Relpats_eht Contest

Note, this page is meant for laughs only, and not to offend anyone. If I happened to use something you said, well, laugh along with the rest of us

yea…page 5 has no solution does it? ur just pulln my leg…its not possible i swear it isnt!
okay i got number one now a lil more of a hint for number 2 im very dumb
You know… when encountered in captivity, the stapler and the staple remover are natural enemies?
whats a tip for number one… i have a feeling it has to do with 314159 which i know is the first numbers in pi but where do i go next…. any help appreciated…
how many times do i have to say latin for ludus to turn into the right answer?
la….tin…l-a-t-i-n…lol…ok…im taking deep breathes…
My eyes! My eyes! Too much Hex Code!!!!!!
wah wah wah all the way home. what in the world spurred this guy to create something that would have everyone on a homicidal rampage. Please I need enlightenment 12.The world has come to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What other blog is he referring to?! …. DEAR GOD, ANOTHER BLOG, AN IMPOSTER!

posted by imposter relpats

Problem #12 may be hard,
but in time you shall see –
the answer remains beyond
any colors in HEX or RGB!
#7…it’s all about words.
hey its ol’ relly himself, only 2 or so posts above me… wow, to get this close to his name feels like I’ve actually acomplished something!
I seem to be stuck on page 2.

In reference to page 12

I tried the music thing as well. Sounded like the beginning of Jaws for a second.
maybe page 12 is some sort of virus and now I’m infected.

In reference to page 12

I also came up with an image that looks a lot like braile. Ahhhhh! Okay that’s it for me.
Oh relpats, e, h, t,
Your joke is not funny to me.
You’re taking the mick,
With tales of your nick,
And I’m fed up with your RGB.

I’ve been surfing your website for days,
In an effort to tackle your maze,
Through the hex on page twelve,
Though I rummage and delve,
I just find myself lost in a daze.

Oh relpats! Oh can syou not see?
A poor creature you’ve made out of me!
My life is mess,
Your riddles brought stress,
As this limerick shows, you’ll agree.

So help me, my friend, my old buddy,
To see through the waters so muddy,
All I ask is a glint,
Or the tiniest hint,
So I’ll maybe not feel quite so cruddy.

Yo soy un hombre sincero
Y antes de morirme quiero
To beat the relpats contest
I GOT PAGE TWELVE!!!!! I AM KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha it feels soooooo good to be done with this finally. rememver kiddies, look BEYOND the problem. i have the e mail, but i haven’t sent it yet. i don’t wanna ruin this for everyone else…

This guy was only joking, of course

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