Man Vs. Wild Spoof

My brother, cousin, and I were inspired to make this spoof of the TV show, Man Vs. Wild. We call this Man Vs. City. It is filmed mostly on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Man Vs. Wild is a show where a man, Bear Grylls, is dropped off in various wildernesses and is left to survive with extremely limited tools and supplies. Man Vs. City will be a lot more funny if you have actually seen the show, but even still you might find our spoof amusing. Unfortunately, we had a limited time to film this, as we were only visiting the bridge. I wish we could go back and re-shoot some of the scenes, but that just isn’t an option. We used my Canon A620 Powershot to film, so the quality isn’t the best. The wind blew very hard on top of the bridge, so that messed with some of the vocal recording.

Without further delay, Man Vs. City.

Man Vs. City

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