Science Olympiad, the Aftermath

My first event was Circuit Lab, which I don’t know much about. My partner ended up doing most of the work, I helped connecting wires when I could.Rocks and Minerals went okay, or so I thought. Ended up with 7th.

My tower broke too soon, weighing 6.5 and only holding 6.8kg. At least I worried McIntosh for a little while. The thought actually came to me to try and fix the problems with my tower, and test it at home. Don’t know if I will do that though. Finished 5th.

Physics Lab was horrible, but I guess that could have been expected. Wright Stuff, which I wasn’t expecting to do well, got 3rd. My normal partner couldn’t be there, so I have another team member hold the plane while I wound the rubber band. I put 130 winds with a 15:1 winder. That’s 1950 winds. I didn’t take any off, because I needed the torque to get up to the high ceiling. It flew for 2:25, which seemed to impress Chris Goins because of the “creative” wing design (not a bipe).

I started to wind for the second flight, but the rubber band broke at 136 winds (yes, I know I was pushing the limits, but I had to try). The wing was ripped as a result. But, I have several minutes to repair it, so I did. just as I was going to start winding again, someone pulled the fire alarm. No, there wasn’t a fire, and I didn’t get another flight in.

Now that it is over, it seems a great weight is off my back. Unfortunately, I have 4 tests this week. I spent Saturday night cleaning out my room of all the wood bits strewn about. Now I have time for other projects, such as finishing
working the new version of this website and bugging my brother to finish recording Bridge Builder Blues.

I have also started building a toothpick bridge from a kit.

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