Elevated Bridge

Science Olympiad is bringing back the Bridge Building event in 2009, except in a modified form. The event for ’09 is Elevated Bridge, which will provide an interesting and refreshing challenge. The draft rules that soinc.org are very interesting and make for a good read. Check them out as the new bridge event looks to be a refreshing change.

Elevated Bridge Resources:

SciOly Elevated Bridge Thread

3 thoughts on “Elevated Bridge”

  1. I love building bridges and towers, and i have been for at least three years. Some bridges are easier to build than others, but loading the bridge is one of the most intense part! I love to learn new things and ideas, and all of my broken bridges and towers I have with me! This website is very interesting; however, when we load our bridges, we have to do it manually! I would like to thank my wonderful coaches, Mr. Matteson and Mr. Chuck for the greatest ideas and experiences that I will alway carry with me!

  2. yah! bridges are hard to make but easy to brake! Love to build these sweet bridges but braking them at the competition was heart breaking! This website is ok and i didn’t even read it at all! It looks cool though…. a little.


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