January GarrettsBridges.com Contest

Win a cash prize by submitting a post with pictures about your model bridge. This is a contest for the month of January, 2011. Simply write up a short article about your bridge and include pictures. Write about how you build the bridge, what design you used, what you did to test the bridge, how it performed, what you might change if you did it again, and what you learned.

How to Enter

Upload a post and pictures to GarrettsBridges.com.

Prizes up to $30 will be awarded to the best three entries.

Complete Rules:

  • Each individual may submit up to 2 unique entries
  • In order for any prizes to be awarded, at least 10 entries must be submitted
  • Each entry must contain at least 400 words long describing the model bridge
  • Each entry must contain at least 1 picture of a model bridge
  • The contest starts January 1st and January 31 (2011) is the last day to submit entries
  • The winners of the contest will be determined solely by the administrator (Garrett Boon)
  • The winners will be chosen based on the quality of the entry and pictures
  • The prizes are as follows: 1st place = $30USD, 2nd place = $20USD, and third place = $10USD
  • The prize money will be awarded via PayPal
  • The contest is open for anyone between the ages of 5 and 100.
  • No one in the immediate family of the administrator is eligible for prizes
  • All pictures and content submitted for this contest becomes the property of www.garrettsbridges.com and its owners. This content will be published on said website and no royalties will be given.

2 thoughts on “January GarrettsBridges.com Contest”

  1. Garrett, I was considering hosting a balsa wood bridge design contest at my work (a engineering firm specializing in long span bridges). I work in New York City and it’s not easy to transport anything too heavy (like weights to test the bridges with). I’m wondering if you know of any places to buy cheap S-beam load cells that have a USB plug? Using something like this, I could create a lever to apply a load on a bridge and plot the force on a computer (the max force before the bridge collapses will be the max force held). All the S-beam load cells I’ve found are well over $100, and for a ‘for fun’ contest, I’d like something much cheaper. I expect these bridges to hold no more than 300 pounds.

    • Nick, unfortunately I do not know of anywhere to get a cheap S-beam load cell.

      I have heard of a low tech idea that uses a car jack for testing bridges. The jack needs to be hydraulic and have the ability to be lowered down slowly. You also need a hanging scale capable of measuring up to the point of failure. You attach the hanging scale to the bridge with a block and chain. Then you raise the jack and attach it to the bottom of the scale. Slowly lower the jack and watch the scale until the bridge breaks. I heard of this idea from a person who used it for loads of under 50 pounds. I do not know how it would work for a 300 pound load.


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