GarrettsBridges WPBD Local Contest

The Contest is over!

Thanks to everyone who participated. In order to collect your winnings you must send an email to the contact email on the scoreboard with your name and your PayPal email.

There must be some confusion, as team IMaWIN submitted a design after the cutoff date. This voids that submission. Team Epitome should be in 3rd place. is hosting a West Point Bridge Design Local Contest. This local contest starts today and runs to March 1, 2010. All designs must be submitted by Midnight, March 1. This contest is open to anyone under the age of 25.

  • First Place Team: $30
  • Second Place Team: $20
  • Third Place Team: $10

All prize money will be sent by PayPal.

Join for Free

  • (1) Register for the West Point Bridge Design Contest at If you are not “eligible contestants,” as defined by the WPBDC rules, that’s OK. You can still register in the “Open Competition.” Anyone in the world can enter the Open Competition, though there are no prizes associated with this category.
  • (2) On the final page of the web registration system (the same page on which teams are asked to provide their e-mail address and password), you will see a text box labeled, “If you are participating in a local contest organized by your school, a local engineering association, or other organization, enter your Local Contest Code here.” You should enter the Local Contest Code in this text box.
    The Contest Code is GBDC
  • (3) The website will check that the code is a valid one and will post a confirmation on the Team Home Page.
  • (4) If you already registered and did not enter the Local Contest Code at the time of registration, you can add it at any time by logging into the Team Home Page.
  • (5) Once your project or contest is underway, you can view your own Local Contest Scoreboard on the following web page: This scoreboard will be automatically updated at least every 24 hours after the Qualifying Round begins.

Use the comment form to ask any questions or to talk with other competitors.

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