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2011 Maine Transportation Conference PSBC

Video highlighting the top three bridges from the Maine Transportation Conference Popsicle Stick Bridge Contest. These bridges are quite impressive, with the winner holding 1278 pounds before breaking. The commentary on this video contains useful observations and thoughtful opinions from the video makers.

5 Steps Bridge Video

Here is the model bridge featured in my ebook, 5 Steps to Building a Model Bridge. This is the bridge seen in the photos of the step by step process of bridge construction. This video shows the last bit of the testing process in which the bridge comes to an explosive end

ASL Bridges Class, Feb, 2012

The Arizona Science Lab presents information on types of beams used for building bridges. They show the huge difference in resistance to bending between a flat beam and an I Beam. Then different types of truss designs are shown and explained. Afterwords the students are given supplies to build their own bridges, and this video highlights some of them. Their goal is to make a bridge which holds 50 pounds over a 2 foot span. Their materials are popsicle sticks […]

Balsa Bridge Videos

Highlighted balsa wood bridge videos from More videos to come.

Balsa Wood Bridge Statics Project

I like this video because it is very systematic and well documented. The video shows a Balsa wood bridge built for a statics project. The bridge ended up with an efficiency score of 514.

Balsa Wood Bridge Test

Here is a balsa wood bridge being tested to failure. You can tell how it breaks, which is pretty cool

Bates Tech Balsa Wood Bridge Competition 2011

Here are the video results from the Bates Tech Balsa Wood Bridge Competition 2011. This simple video footage of the competition makes for a good learning opportunity. This video includes a variety of designs that are interesting to observe if you are looking to build a balsa wood bridge.

Bridge Contest from Junk Yard Wars

Here is a short, fun video showing creative bridge designs from very limited supplies. These bridges were required to be under 5oz in weight, but only had to span 8 inches. I like this video because it is pretty clear why each bridge failed. Can you see a major design issue that could be improved in most of these bridges? Notice that they do incorporate triangles, but they are missing a key member. The students were only given Cardstock Rubber […]

General Bridge Videos

Japanese College Toothpick Bridge Competition

This video has some excellent toothpick bridges. These bridges hold an incredible amount of weight before they break. You get to see it all on video

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