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How to Test Your Model Bridge

The method you use to test your model bridge will make or break it. Okay, most of the time the bridge breaks no matter what. How much weight your bridge holds before collapsing is partly determined by how you test the bridge. Whether you have a popsicle stick bridge, balsa bridge, toothpick bridge or other type of model bridge, these testing tips will give you a jump start and help you make an informed decision on how to test your bridge.

Testing – Top Loading

This post is continued from How to Test Your Model Bridge Loading a bridge by placing weights on top of it has become my method of choice. This is because I have access to a weight set with ample weights to to break any bridge I have created so far. This method is quite and easy, and requires a minimum of equipment. In fact, I do not even need a scale and can simply add up the total of the […]

Testing Tips

This Post Has Been Updated Click Here There are several ways to test model bridges: With a machine By pouring sand Textbooks Pushing down on your bridge Using a machine Obviously, if a machine is being used to test your bridge, there isn’t a lot you can do. You can stand watching the destruction of your bridge. Or turn away and cover your eyes with your hands. I would not recommend the latter option. You miss out on the most […]

Testing Tips – Hanging Bucket Method

This article is continued from the page: How to Test Your Model Bridge. The above photos give you several examples of the hanging bucket method used in real life situations. This method is fairly versatile, and you can adapt it to fit your needs. Please notice that in each of these photos there is a loading block that fits into the bridge, which in turn suspends the bucket with various hardware. You can use this method to load the bridge […]

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