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Drew’s Science Project

Drew’s science fair was this past Friday, and he won a special award/ribbon for a “Superior” project. I’ve attached photos of he with his tri-fold board. He built/destroyed two bridges in order to prove his hypothesis, and so built a third (as seen in the photo) to show his classmates what they’d looked like. He had to present his findings to a parent/teacher review board, and 3 of them came up to me after the fact, to say how well […]

Popsicle Bridge Howe Truss Kit

This is a great opportunity to learn principles of engineering and physics while having lots of fun. This popsicle bridge kit allows you to construct a Howe Truss Bridge which really works. Not only does this bridge work, but it can hold some serious weight. Put a load of 100 pounds on it, no problems. And if you spread the load out along the entire span, this little bridge can hold 140+ pounds of force.

Popsicle Bridge Kit: Compare Three Bridge Types

Have you ever wondered what type of bridge is the strongest? I definitely did, and that is why I created this popsicle bridge kit to compare and contrast three types of bridges to see which one can hold the most weight. This is a very interesting project and was a lot of fun to make and test. In order to be a scientific test, each bridge is made from similar materials (popsicle sticks and glue, and cord for the suspension […]

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