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Balsa Wood K Truss Bridge

Here is a bridge using the K truss design made from Balsa wood. This bridges uses a combination of end and lap joints. You can see that where the slanted members of each K join together at the vertical member, there is an end joint. At the top and bottom chords, the joint is a lap joint. This bridge does not have any lateral bracing on the top, which is something I would highlight to change. The performance of this […]

Dombiggers 1st bridge

A very nice looking Balsa wood bridge sent in from one of my readers. This bridge uses gussets and pin joints and spans 18 inches.

European Bridge Pictures

Here are some pictures of European bridges I took on our family trip in December of 2004. Seeing these bridges was the highlight of the trip for me. Unfortunately we only were able to drive over one of the bridges, the Tay River Bridge. However, we did spent a lot of time walking on the Tower Bridge in London. This photo of the Forth Suspension bridge was accepted as the photo of the day on on July 29, 2005.

Fernbank Project: Strongest Bridge Design

I built this bridge for the 2005 Fernbank Science Center bridge design event. The bridge spanned 16 inches, weighed 37 grams, and held 346 pounds. That puts its efficiency over 4200! One commenter said, “So if this bridge weighed one pound, it could have held up my car.”

First attempt at a DIY model bridge

It’s taken me just under 48 hours to get this far. Although i wouldn’t say its completely finished.. it’s a good as. I might just polish it off with a lick of paint and other aesthetically pleasing type things. As you can see, I’ve modeled it on the Pratt Truss. Although, I didn’t do any “real” plans, just rough drawings

First Timer’s First Bridge Design

Hello everybody my name is First Timer and I had to make a balsa wood bridge with theses specs: 40.5 cm long, 11-12 cm wide 13-25 cm high, must have a span of 26 cm, peek of the span must be at least 9 cm, and this bridge could weigh no more than 16 grams

First Timer’s Second Bridge Design!

Hey guys it’s me again, First Timer. Taking the critiques you guys gave, I rebuilt the bridge. This was going to a county Science Fair which I think is pretty cool considering I started learning about bridges about 2 months ago. The specs of the bridge are

George Washington Bridge

Here is a picture of the George Washington Bridge that a friend of mine took recently. This is a great looking suspension bridge. I think that suspension bridges in general look good, but this one is particularly beautiful. Thanks to Elizabeth for providing this as well as many other photos of historic bridges.

Hell Gate Bridge 1/4 Scale

This post features one of the most intricate reader submitted bridges I have ever received. This is a model of the Hell Gate Bridge built by High Iron Models. Excellent work.

Ice Cream Stick Tower

Here is an ice cream stick structure made up from 200 sticks, which carried 30kg. of weight. Submitted by Sandip Babar. Questions from Garrett What glue did you use to build this tower? Was this just for fun and what inspired your design? Did you learn anything from building this structure that you could share with the rest of us? Thanks for sharing!

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