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Blue Skies and Rainbows

Blue skies and rainbows And sunbeams from heaven. Are what I can see when My Lord is living in me. CHORUS:Jesus is well and alive today, He makes His home in my heart. Never more will I be all alone since He Promised me that we never would part. Green grass and flowers, All blooming in springtime, Are works of the Master I live for each day. Tall mountains, green valleys, The beauty that surrounds me. All make me aware […]

Bridge Builder Blues

The Bridge Builder Blues is a fun little song I originally wrote back in late 2004. I forgot about it until the Science Olympiad season of 2006. I pulled it out, and with the help of my brother re-wrote the lyrics and came up with the music. Then in 2007 We made a music video of the song which you can view below. Lyrics Working late on the last Friday night Before competition, I’m running out of time I think […]

Bridge Builder Blues Video

Music video for the song, The Bridge Builder Blues written and recorded by Garrett and Drew Boon.

Bridge Builder Poem

The Bridge Builder Poem An old man, going a lone highway, Came, at the evening, cold and gray, To a chasm, vast, and deep, and wide, Through which was flowing a sullen tide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim; The sullen stream had no fears for him; But he turned, when safe on the other side, And built a bridge to span the tide. “Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim, near, “You are wasting strength with building here; […]

Funny Comments from the Original Relpats_eht Contest

Note, this page is meant for laughs only, and not to offend anyone. If I happened to use something you said, well, laugh along with the rest of us yea…page 5 has no solution does it? ur just pulln my leg…its not possible i swear it isnt! okay i got number one now a lil more of a hint for number 2 im very dumb You know… when encountered in captivity, the stapler and the staple remover are natural enemies? […]

High School Bridge Building

We started our bridge program last year in my beginning engineering and manufacturing classes. I wanted to make a bridge that was very complicated with simple rules that required them to have to work on the mathematics of the bridge. I wanted to stress the strength of the truss design, so within the rules, I made it so other types of bridges do not work as well. Since we are a manufacturing program, I wanted to allow for more material options. I created a […]

History of

If you have read my bio page, then you already know a little bit about my bridge building experiences. But today I want to share some more behind why I created The only reason I got involved in model bridge building was because of my activity in Science Olympiad. Before that, I simply had no idea that I loved building bridges. Many thanks to my mother, who pushed and prodded me in the right direction, and never failed to […]

Man Vs. Wild Spoof

My brother, cousin, and I were inspired to make this spoof of the TV show, Man Vs. Wild. We call this Man Vs. City. It is filmed mostly on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge located in Charleston, South Carolina. Man Vs. Wild is a show where a man, Bear Grylls, is dropped off in various wildernesses and is left to survive with extremely limited tools and supplies. Man Vs. City will be a lot more funny if you have actually […]

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