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Best Place To Buy Balsa Online

Many people ask “Where is the the best place to buy balsa wood online?” The best website I know of is Specialized Balsa LLC. The owner, Jake Zimmer, has been in the balsa business for years and knows what he is doing. Once I had Jake cut me some 1/32″ x 1/32″ sticks of Balsa just to see if he could do it. He did, and they were absolutely perfect. He also cut me a 3″ x”1/64″ x 36″. I […]

Bridge Building and Design Games

Cargo Bridge Fun little animated game with a physics engine that requires you to design a bridge with a limited budget in various scenarios. You get points for the amount of money you have left after completing a successful bridge. NOVA Build a Bridge Classic game from that has you pick the right bridge design for certain scenario. This is a very basic game and good for younger ages. This site has lots of tips, records, maps, etc […]

Bridge IT

Recently I was introduced to a bridge building program, Bridge It. This program is made by NVIDIA and Auran. In the game, you are given scenarios and have to make a bridge that will support the required load while staying within a budget. Let me tell you, some of them are not easy. Bridge It lets you build these bridges from a variety of materials, including suspension cables. The bridges are tested by a car or train, and sometimes by […]

Johns Hopkins Bridge Simulator (New)

I have some great news to share! There is a replacement for the old Bridge Designer which no longer works on modern web browsers. The new pony in town is called the Bridge Simulator. Like before, it is freely hosted on the Johns Hopkins website, and created by Claire VerHulst. This new Bridge Simulator is not quite as simple or easy to use as the older one, but it is more powerful and flexible. I’ll work on a full video […]

Links and Resources

Here I have complied what I believe to be the best list of websites that you will find useful. All of them have relevant model structure, bridge and tower information, some sell balsa and basswood, and others contain useful tips. Some of these sites have a specific competition or goal in mind, but you can always take the principles and adapt them to your needs. Bridge and Tower Design: Bridge Building A gold mine of links and resources to model […]

Popsicle Stick Bridge Links

Here is a collection of the best of the web on Popsicle Stick Bridges. Digital Structures – Popsicle Bridges Building a Popsicle-Stick Bridge

The Coolest Bridge Website

I know I already mentioned this website in previous posts, but I felt this website was cool enough to deserve a post of its own. The coolest bridge website is This website is simply amazing. James Baughn has created a website featuring historic bridges across the nation. Anyone can submit photos or comments about the bridges. The navigation is brilliant. You simply click on a state, then a county. Then you are presented with a list of bridges in […]

Toothpick Bridge Kit

This kit is no longer available from the manufacturer I have never built a toothpick bridge before, as I thought it would be too much of a hassle. However, when I came across a toothpick bridge kit I knew it was time for me to try building one. I purchased the kit, and am very pleased and surprised at its contents. The kit contains everything you need to build a toothpick bridge including plans, glue, toothpicks, wax paper, and more. […]

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