February 2017 Bridge Building Contest

Contest is complete Congratulations to Peter for submitting the winning design, at $189,049.56. Join in the fun with our new model bridge contest series. Your submission could win a $50 Amazon gift card. More than that, you can learn more about how bridges work with this unique software program. This contest uses the Bridge Designer … Read more

2012 WPBD GarrettsBridges.com Local Contest

Announcing the 2012 West Point Bridge Design Local Contest for GarrettsBridges.com. This contest will run from March 12th through April 30th, 2012. This local contest is open to all visitors of garrettsbridges.com regardless of age or schooling.

January GarrettsBridges.com Contest

Win a cash prize by submitting a post with pictures about your model bridge. This is a contest for the month of January, 2011. Simply write up a short article about your bridge and include pictures. Write about how you build the bridge, what design you used, what you did to test the bridge, how … Read more

Bridge Building Contests

International Bridge Building Competition Manilla File Folder Bridge Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest If you know of any other bridge building contests, let me know by leaving a comment.

West Point Bridge Design Contest

The 2007 contest is over, check back next year for another chance to win! Here is the Local Contest’s winning bridge: This is not the winning design for the worldwide contest, just the GarrettsBridges.com local contest. Congratulations to Big Jake who submitted the design and won $100. Click here to go to the current West … Read more