Model Bridge Kit

This kit is actually one of my first introductions to building model bridges. My mother bought this for me one year, thinking that I might like to build a model bridge kit. I loved it, and kept the suspension bridge for a long time on my desk. Unfortunately I lost it somewhere along the years.

This bridge building kit from Amazon actually has three different bridges. It comes with all the supplies you need to build a suspension bridge, a truss bridge, and an arch bridge. All of these combined make this kit an excellent gift idea, or something you can build just for fun. The package also contains an informational booklet which talks a lot about how bridges work, and is really quite good. I remember referring to this booklet time and again when trying to figure out the different forces that act on bridges.

If you are looking for a good bridge building project, this could be perfect. The kit is not expensive, and contains a lot for the price. I definitely recommend this kit. The Kit is called “Our Amazing Bridges Architecture Kit” and can be on Amazon.

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