Beautiful New Gram Scale

I am very excited to show off this new digital gram scale I ordered off Ebay.

This digital scale measures to 0.01 grams, which is a major improvement over the team scale, which only measures to 0.1 grams.The best part is that it only cost $20, shipping included. A hot deal if you ask me.

It seems to be very good quality and is accurate. I compared it using several bridges lying around with the team scale, and it was right on. It has a snug-fitting cover that goes over the actual weighing part, which adds a nice bit protection for transport.

As you can see from the second picture, the gram scale is quite small. It really is a pocket gram scale. I didn’t think it would be that small, but I really like it. The scale weighs up to 80 grams. Hopefully none of my bridges will weigh more than that :P.

With the added precision, I should be able to have much more consistent results with my bridges.

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