Bridge Building and Design Games

Cargo Bridge Fun little animated game with a physics engine that requires you to design a bridge with a limited budget in various scenarios. You get points for the amount of money you have left after completing a successful bridge. NOVA Build a Bridge Classic game from that has you pick the right bridge design for certain scenario. This is a very basic game and good for younger ages. This site has lots of tips, records, maps, etc […]

Bridge Building Contests

International Bridge Building Competition Manilla File Folder Bridge Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest If you know of any other bridge building contests, let me know by leaving a comment.

Bridge Contest from Junk Yard Wars

Here is a short, fun video showing creative bridge designs from very limited supplies. These bridges were required to be under 5oz in weight, but only had to span 8 inches. I like this video because it is pretty clear why each bridge failed. Can you see a major design issue that could be improved in most of these bridges? Notice that they do incorporate triangles, but they are missing a key member. The students were only given Cardstock Rubber […]

Bridge Designer Tutorial

The Bridge Designer is perhaps the greatest online tool for building model bridges. It allows you to design a virtual truss, put a load on in, and it calculates how the forces are spread out. Amazing.

Bridge Height

All the time I am asked “How tall should I make my bridge?” This article will attempt to answer this question by illustrating a principle in model bridge building. There is no cut and dry answer, as you should evaluate your bridge specifications and guidelines and conduct experiments to reach the best answer for you. How Changing Height Affects a Bridge This is our control bridge. The bridge is 8 inches long and 3 inches tall. I have added two […]

Bridge IT

Recently I was introduced to a bridge building program, Bridge It. This program is made by NVIDIA and Auran. In the game, you are given scenarios and have to make a bridge that will support the required load while staying within a budget. Let me tell you, some of them are not easy. Bridge It lets you build these bridges from a variety of materials, including suspension cables. The bridges are tested by a car or train, and sometimes by […]

Bridge Joints

The type of joint you use on your bridge can drastically change its strength. There are three basic types of joints, the Lap Joint, End Joint, and Notched Joint. To increase the strength of an end or notched joint you can add a Gusset. Learn about each type of joint and when to use it on a model bridge in this article.

Bridge Types

What is a bridge? A bridge could be anything as simple as a log laying across a creek. Or as sophisticated as the Golden Gate Bridge. A bridge is just something that helps us cross an obstacle, whether that be a river, ocean, swamp, canyon, or highway. At the most basic level, there are three types of bridges: Beam, Arch, and Suspension.

Bridges: Amazing Structures to Design, Build & Test

This is a great book to learn about bridges, how they work and how to build them. Designed for grades 2-6, this book contains arch bridges, beam bridges, and suspension bridges. Included are activities and challenges to think outside the box. This is a great resource for children who want to understand more about bridges

Cargo Bridge Building Game

This is a free bridge builder game that I found and it is pretty neat. Construct a bridge and test your building skills. Help your people gather items located on the other side of valley.

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