100 Stick Popsicle Bridge: 21″ Howe Truss

The 100 stick popsicle bridge challenge is on. This Howe Truss bridge uses 99 popsicle sticks, spans 21 inches, and holds 200+ pounds. It’s efficiency score is 678. This is an updated version of my old “Popsicle Bridge #3” which was the same length, but slightly different in construction.

2007 Science Olympiad Boomilever

Now that the 2007 Science Olympiad season is well over, I am releasing photos of a concept boomilever I made before regionals. Here is a video of the testing of the boomilever: The boomilever broke because of all the force that was applied outwards on the bottom chords. The boomilever simply “split” apart and the loading block fell through. I didn’t anticipate the amount of force that would be pushing outwards. Normally my boomilevers broke at the joint to the […]

2011 Maine Transportation Conference

Video highlighting the top three bridges from the Maine Transportation Conference Popsicle Stick Bridge Contest. These bridges are quite impressive, with the winner holding 1278 pounds before breaking. The commentary on this video contains useful observations and thoughtful opinions from the video makers.

2012 West Point Bridge Design Contest

It’s that time of year again, and the 11th annual West Point Bridge Design (WPBD Contest) Contest is starting. Registration is free and open to anyone, so I encourage you to try your hand in this fun contest. The software for the contest is simple to use, and actually is a great tool for learning how bridges work, and how forces are spread out in a given bridge design. Here is the link to the main site: Manilla File Folder […]

2012 WPBD GarrettsBridges.com Local Contest

Announcing the 2012 West Point Bridge Design Local Contest for GarrettsBridges.com. This contest will run from March 12th through April 30th, 2012. This local contest is open to all visitors of garrettsbridges.com regardless of age or schooling.

25 Bridge Building Tips

1. Humidity affects the weight of your bridge. Keep your bridge in a closed container with a few grains of rice. or some silica gel packets. 2. Go easy with the glue bottle. As a general rule of thumb, if you can see it then you are using too much. 3. Keep your hands clean! Oils and grease from your skin can ruin your glue joints. 4. Perfect practice makes perfect. The more bridges you build, the better your construction […]

25″ Arched Warren Popsicle Stick Bridge

Re-engineered for 2014. This update to a classic design brings more realism, but with a cost. Find out more below.

5 Steps Bridge Video

Here is the model bridge featured in my ebook, 5 Steps to Building a Model Bridge. This is the bridge seen in the photos of the step by step process of bridge construction. This video shows the last bit of the testing process in which the bridge comes to an explosive end

5 Steps to Building a Model Bridge

This ebook, 5 Steps to Building a Model Bridge, answers the most common questions people have about building bridges. In the ebook I outline the steps of building a model bridge, and then walk people through the actual construction of a bridge. The ebook contains many photos and illustrations, as well as 25 bonus tips.

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

This bridge is the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge which is over the Cooper River in Charleston, South Carolina. It is North America’s largest cable stayed bridge. I got these photos when visiting family up there. My brother, cousin, and I filmed a short spoof of the TV show, “Man Vs. Wild” on this bridge. We call ours “Man Vs. City.” You can watch it here: Man Vs. Wild Spoof

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